How to Prepare for a Science Policy Career

While in most developed and developing countries, science policy has become a concept that has grown into a career option, most people around the world are oblivious of the existence of such a field. Science policy has a wide range of opportunities today, and it would only keep increasing in time. As a high school […]

What is Science Policy?

The world has surely changed over the years, and each life-altering episode had a key role to play in the shift. Science policy, a subject discussed for its relevance in the bigger picture of politics and global harmony, considers two fundamental human activities to develop the basics of the concept: science and policy. Anyone working […]

The Importance of Science Policy and its Challenges

Discussions about science policy might end up in the most uncertain and abrupt manner with people having varying opinions about the different functions in the field. Even when science policy is a subject that has gained popularity over the years and is a key aspect in running a government and its organizations effectively, not many […]

The Benefits of Attending Academic Conferences

Learning is a process that doesn’t end at any stage in life but only continues to open up new possibilities and unexplored areas that keep throwing new facets of the world into your spectrum of knowledge. Pursuing a PhD will be a stage where you come across a long list of conferences that could help […]