How to Prepare for a Science Policy Career


While in most developed and developing countries, science policy has become a concept that has grown into a career option, most people around the world are oblivious of the existence of such a field. Science policy has a wide range of opportunities today, and it would only keep increasing in time. As a high school student, your biggest concern could be the selection in a college and the subject you want to pursue. It is often a hard choice to make with plenty of options out there, but you have to be certain about what you want in life as it will turn out to be one of the many life-altering decisions in your life.

If science policy interests you as a career option, you need to have a closer look at what happens within the field before signing the joining papers to a college. Having a clear picture of what the course entails will allow you to make your decision a well-thought-out one. Here are a few tips that can help you prepare for a science policy career if you are an aspirant of the career or are looking for effective methods to enhance your resume for a job hunt.

1.      Learn More About the Different Careers in Science Policy

Careers in Science Policy

Almost all researchers might be aware of only the traditional career options that come along with the academic flow. The opportunities are limited to a few private organizations; look for the careers available in other private sector entities, government, and non-profit organizations. Go ahead and talk to the people working in different science policy career areas so that you have a better idea of what jobs are offered.

2.      Track the Current Happenings and Issues

Get to know what is trending in the field of science policy; keep track of what the current news is since the issues discussed in the public domain will change from time to time. General knowledge about everything happening in the world and particularly in the field of science policy needs to be demonstrated to take the first step into it. Dive deeper into the field of science policy and look out for the topics that interest you the most. Finding ways to be active in science policy will help you in cementing your career, and being an expert in a particular policy issue will make you the attractive candidate for a job.

Happenings and Issues

3.      Plan and Participate in Advocacy Activities

Resume building gets better by participating in advocacy activities. With plenty of events being held in many parts of the world, you will never find it difficult to land on a reliable activity. Local activities are also held for the people who are just starting out on the subject and need the basic details. Starting an advocacy activity for yourself in your area will be a great point to add on your resume, demonstrating your leadership skills. Initiative to organize such an event is something that many companies are looking out for in the aspirants.

How to Prepare for a Science Policy Career

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