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CSPC 2017 is a symposium which allows you to talk about the topics you are passionate about and want to educate the world about the same.

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CSPC 2017 worship is to bring awareness among people about different skills and ways they can develop their talents which can allow them to understand the ways it can help.

Science Policy 101 Workshop

We have some of the best experts who can help ensure that you have access to some of the most innovative minds who can broaden your horizons.

Future Skills And Talent Development

Developing skills has its very own advantage, and understanding them can help you grow it into talents.

Oceans Research In Canada Alliance

Digging deeper into the cold waters of Canada and trying to discover new life forms and learning about their survival instincts.

150 Years of Canadian Science and Innovation

About Us

We at CSPC want to provide a platform for all the creators to help bring their innovation to the stage which will allow you to have an audience which can bring out the best in your ideas.

Building Bridges Between

We are trying to introduce you to people who can help you with your project, which can make your idea into reality.


We have access to some of the best people who can help bring your innovative ideas into realities.


We can make sure that people can understand the ways they can bring the change that they crave into reality.


We have access to some of the best speakers who can help you understand the society from a deeper perspective.

Our Speakers

A few individuals who are going to be sharing their perspectives with us.

Laura J. Randolph

A person who can show you ways sciences has progressed over time.

Louis J. Proctor

A person who can help you understand the policies in a better way.

Beverly T. Roberts

A person who knows her way to humanities trying to make a change.



They are some of the best as they provide with a platform to showcase ideas and acting as a bridge to help me become better.
Larry M. Doran

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